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Group Therapy and Education

Group sessions allow peers to meet, identify, and explore the roots of problematic behaviors. Through the guidance of a mental health professional, clients learn and practice positive behaviors to help build successful relationships and lives.

  • Attitude Change Today (ACT)woman
    Twenty 1.5 hour sessions for youth ACT is a counseling and psycho-educational group for youth ages 13 - 17 who are experiencing difficulty in the community, at school, home, and with friends. Teens share their issues with their peers, discover alternatives to violence, and work on skills that help them lead safe and successful lives.
  • Co-Parenting Through Divorce
    Eight hours of coursework for parents. Co-Parenting evening and weekend classes are designed for people who are separated, divorcing or divorced, or not married but sharing parenting responsibilities. The eight-hour educational program is approved by the Minnesota State Supreme Court. The intent of this training is to ensure that the task of sharing in the parenting of a child or children operates as smoothly as possible to minimize the stress felt by all involved.
  • Domestic Abuse Counseling Program
    24-week treatment program for men. Men who have been abusive, are concerned about the level of their anger, and want to know how to manage it may attend this program that focuses on ownership of feelings and actions, and on how to change their behavior to live a more non-violent lifestyle.
  • Women's Anger and Self-Esteem (WASE)
    20 week group for womenThis therapy group for women deals with anger management, self-talk, boundary setting, families-of-origin
    issues, and improving self-esteem.



  • Women's Domestic Abuse

happy woman

The Domestic Abuse Group is a closed therapeutic-educational group for women who have experienced domestic abuse in their primary relationships. The group is held once a week in the evenings for twelve weeks at the YMCA. Child care is available for a nomical fee. the goal of the group is to help with the healing process and to bulid skills. Each group session has a topic to examine, and a time to talk about their experiences.


Catholic Charities Life Transitions Services also makes available community support groups led by staff and trained volunteers. These gatherings of persons with similar experiences help individuals who are recovering from the death of a spouse or partner, death of a loved one or family member, or from a divorce or separation. more>>

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